Why Us?

When it comes to your wedding, all of the details should be as unique as your love story. Our Wedding Day inspired us to go into the event business. On our wedding day, my sweet Grandmother had a heart attack at our wedding luncheon. After personally administering CPR, my "special day" was far from my mind.  She was safely transported to the hospital and the wedding was delayed. It was then that our wedding vendors came to our rescue.  They took an otherwise horrible event, and made it wonderful.  We would love to pay it forward by offering the same customer service to you.  Let your wonderful photographer capture pictures of you and the details from your event, let Blue Prints worry about your guests.  Don't be one of "those people" that take pictures of people with a mouthful of food.  Let us capture the "life" of your party, your bridesmaids in a fit of laughter, Uncle Eddy with an actual smile on his face, and maybe even your Mother in law with a mustache!


All Pro Everything

Our photos are taken with a DSLR camera.  Not only does the booth look good, it makes you look good as well. 


Not Your Average Photo Booth

Why settle for a regular old photo booth when you can have something unique?


We Give Back

We love to work with our community! Send us a message about having Blue Prints at your charity event.